Ginger Helmet Braid

The HR braid is designed for concentrations or routes at moderate speed (low wind days).

This article was created to give an extra feminine touch to the motorcycle helmet.

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Ginger Helmet Braid

SKU: T014
Tie Colour

-The HidalgoRiders braid consists of an extension of high quality synthetic hair of approximately 50cm long.

-One of the qualities of this type of hair is that you can comb, braid and untwist as many times as you want.

- Article not Homologated.

-The color of the hair is available in 14 different colours.

-The braid is sticked to the shell of the helmet through a suction sucker mechanism that is easily operated with a tab.

This suction sucker molds to almost 100% of the helmets both finished in Matt and Gloss.

As a final touch, this braid is decorated with a colour matching tie that is used to cover the suction cup in such a way that it can not be seen, this way you get the feeling that the hair comes out from inside the helmet .

-The color of the tie is at the customer's choice, having 8 colors available.

This article does not reach 100g of weight so it is hardly noticeable while driving.


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