"Baby dragon" Hidalgo Riders Horns are made of high resistance polimer (ABS).


Its very light weight and its aerodinamics are the biggest attributes of this article (it almost doesn't offer any resistance), you will not feel it's on while moving.


The horns are available in 8 different colour brands. You can either combine two different colours or just use the same for both. (You can indicate it on the comments)


Made for all kind of events, meetings, journeys, photoshooting, shows, GPs and many more


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"Devil" Horns 8 Colours

€12.95 Regular Price
€11.01Sale Price
¿2ª Unidad -30%?

- Made of high resistance polimer (ABS).


- High efficiency aerodinamics and very light weight (10g Aprox).


- Fied to the helmet with a 3M adheasive sticker.


- Non homologated artcile.


- Made for motorcilce meetings, shows and GPs


- It will put up with high speed.


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Email: Hidalgoriders@hotmail.com


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