Moshe Helmet Cover.

Several types at your dispossal

You might be asked for a picture by some extranger at the crosswalk, you'll see kids pointing at you and you'll sure be the center of all "selfies"

Funny and stricking helmet cover design for biker meetings and GPs

Follow the movement!

MOSHE Helmet Cover


- Hand made product

- Takes just a few seconds to place

- Attached to the helmet shell by a thick elastic rubber that grabs firmly to it.

- For further fixture it counts with an elastic stripe that rounds the helmet chin

- Interfers with the helmet cooling

- Protects your helmet from scratches

- Lowers the air noise

- Extra soft touch

- Universal size, will fit any helmet

- Washable (30Cº)

- Non Homologated.

- Can produce view range reduction if not fitted properly


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